This is an exclusive, private community for those who are looking to shift their life. Energy Management is infused with manifesting to get movement in your life.


We have live channeled workshops with GODDESS, private meditation classes, live energy clearings, moon ceremonies, astrology, and access to a video library full of Traci + Kayla archives. This is your accountability to making changes in your life, plus you get the connection with like minded souls. Here, you are part of a soul family. You are loved, adored, and embraced.


Feel empowered, find confidence, and connect with us in a deeper way for a low monthly cost.




Live with Intention and Focus

New Monthly Format

This next year is all about moving and grooving. No more wishing, wanting and waiting for your dreams to be a reality. We will be focusing each month on building movement in your life. We will be infusing with connection + clarity and clearing.

We are adding connecting and clearing calls to the Society!! This is a monthly live call where we can connect more deeply to others and explore how to apply each month's topic to our REAL lives. We will have replays available for all of these calls.  

Enjoy exploring our every growing library of resources!

This is one of our favorite ways to work with you! This is our most affordable program that allows you to experience Goddess Channeled Messages, Modern Meditations, and weekly energy clearings. You will also have access to the following:

Full Moon Workshop Replays

We host a live full moon workshop every month to help you release and manifest with the current moon energy. Each moon is unique and we will guide you through with astrology, clearing, meditation, and inspirtation.

Workshop & Channel Replays

Each month we host a workshop based on the themes of the month listed above. These will help you learn about energy and manifesting in an intimate way where we can connect and answer questions. Every quarter you will get access to a live Goddess Channel as well. 

Periscope Video Meditation Replays

Kayla has a unique way of pulling you in with modern meditation. These videos include inspiration, teaching, and meditation. You will find that you will be addicted to these meditations and you will finally feel that meditation is possible for your lifestyle. 


the GODDESS experience

This is a quartly LIVE workshop where we channel Goddess LIVE for a message.

Traci and Kayla share a unique relationship with an energy named Goddess. This energy speaks through Kayla to teach manifesting, energy management, and feeling better. This is a modern twist on Abraham and her love is ready to take over your heart. LEARN MORE ABOUT GODDESS HERE.

Monthly Connecting Calls 

We want the Modern Soul Society to feel like a community and a movement to living our lives with intention. We will be having a live monthly connecting and clearing call. We will dive into each month's topic and share with each other on how to apply it to our very real lives. 

Weekly Live Energy Clearings 

Traci has this amazing ability to see what the body is holding onto and what needs to be released, kind of like the "body whisperer". It is one of those things that just has to be experienced. Body pains, our emotions, situations, affects from the other side... can all be cleared. Releasing blocks and limiting beliefs as well as releasing anything that just doesn't feel good. There are some things we need to feel. Most we do not. Why not get rid of the crap we do not have to feel! Energy Clearing is magic!

The most AMAZING Library! 

No more FOMO! You do not have to worry about missing out on any Live experience or past experience. We have our most comprehensive Library full of ALL of our past workshops from the Society, Kayla has her periscope replays categorized to what you would like to meditate on each day, we have meditation albums and even our happiness challenge all available for you at YOUR convenience.

Full Moon Workshops include Teaching and Meditation

In our full moon workshops, we talk about the energy behind manifesting. This happens to be one of our favorite topics. We are always saying that if you don’t like the way something is going, change the energy. It is simply not an energy match. We have dedicated our entire business to energy, and we can show you how to bust through the blocks that keep you from getting the life you crave.

Magic Monday Workshop Replays

Every Monday at 10 AM PST, Kayla is offering a FREE Magic Monday workshop. There will be modern medtitation, manifesting, inspiration and connection. This is a pericope inspired fun way to connect with the modern soul. ALL replays will only be available in the Society Library. 

Video Meditations 

These meditations are all based on manifesting, energy management, and full of inspiration. Together we can "show up feeling like shit, and leave feeling shiny." This is such a fun way to connect and shift the energy together.

Kayla Ann Meditations

Throw out what you think about meditation or what you think it SHOULD be. We teach modern meditation here. This is going to elevate your energy, open your mind, shift your vibration, and leave you feeling addicted to meditating!!

These meditations are all based on manifesting, energy management, and full of inspiration. Together we can "show up feeling like shit, and leave feeling shiny." This is such a fun way to connect and shift the energy together.

FREE Modern Mystic Moon Course

FREE  access to this course. You will have access to:


New Moon + Full Moon Video
Sacred Space + Intention Video
Releasing Attachments + Broken Promises Video
Program a Crystal Video
Periscope Replay Videos
Modern Mystic Moon PDF

Instructions for New Moon Ceremony
Instructions for Full Moon Ceremony
Journal Pages + Prompt Questions
Information on Releasing Soul Contracts, Ex's + Patterns
Crystals for Moon Energy
How to Clean + Charge Your Crystals
Moon Meditations

Moon Release
Calling In Dreams Meditation
These have healing energy programmed in to help you with your release and calling in.


Get ready, big changes await you. This is the modern approach to living life.

What if the only thing holding you back was your energy?

We are affected by everything as sensitive souls. People, places, things, and also the other side. Energy management provides relief, safety, and protection for our sensitive souls. Feeling safe and grounded is important for sensitives.

As a sensitive soul it can feel like life is happening TO you, and that everyone else around you gets what YOU want. Manifesting is taking back control of your energy, and creating opportunity for dreams to come true.


Clearing is an effective tool that only we teach which provides you relief from aches, pains, feelings, trauma, moods in minutes. THIS is pure magic for the sensitive soul. Relief comes first, then clarity, and movement happens. No more feeling stuck.


Love is the missing ingredient in everything. Here you will find love is in every post, meditation, course, podcast, and live experience. We infuse love in everything we do. In love, darkness cowers and allows our true light to shine.


Join the Society Today!!

We cannot wait to dive in deeper with you. Modern Soul's need connection. Your soul family is here.