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Every year I launch a manifesting experience where I guide souls through the steps to alignment while I myself manifest alongside everyone. Fall always brings so much magic to my life. It is when I have made every big life changing choice that led to major movement in my life. This fall I am getting so excited and have already seen major movement. This is different than a course teaching you how to manifest. It truly is an experience. 

Anyone can teach you all about Africa, but when you get there it can be terrifying without a guide. A guide still faces the same tiger on the safari and the same fears can come up, however the guide has seen this tiger 100 times and so the confidence is huge. 

I am your guide on this manifesting safari ride of life. I believe that we are always manifesting, but there is a time when we focus more on action steps. This experience is not for someone who is waiting for the magic pill to buy. This experience will ask you to rise up and in turn, magic will spark in your life as well. If you have been asking for a miracle, this experience will most definitely change your life. 

I will be guiding you and we will be supported by Traci when we bump up against healing. You can expect lots of energy clearing and healing in this experience. Sometimes our blocks will require mindset shifts and inner work and sometimes it will require energy work. I am so proud and honored to have mom step in and help us this go around. 

The magical piece of this whole experience is the opportunity to manifest with source herself. I learn so much from goddess. Everything I teach is infused with her. There will be live channels where you will get to experience her directly and get to ask her questions. 

There is a mixture of action based items as well as magic and synchronicity. You can expect miracles when you put effort towards your alignment. 

Many of you have taken my free course leading up to this experience. The action steps can be difficult to figure out. There is a lot of doubt that floods in. We will be focusing on confidence and how to navigate the deep waters of fear and doubt with ease. 

There will be a warm connection with the souls that come forward for this experience. I have been visualizing this moment when you claim your spot and say yes. 

I love you, let's do this. 

xo Kayla



a 10 week online experience that guides you through alignment

This is an online experience through a free platform called zoom. I will host several calls a week. Do not worry if you are shy or have difficulty connecting in a group. Mom and I are excellent at creating a warm and safe space where everyone shares and feels connection. Part of our mission here at Modern Soul Society. 

We will have lecture, Q&A, connecting calls, clearing, healing, new moon & full moon calls, calling in circles, and a call to gather and talk about action steps. I will be able to talk with each of you during the group calls. I will be offering a lot of classes for your benefit, but not all classes are required to be attended. 


  • Alignment
  • Movement & Action Steps
  • Blocks, Resistance, & Distractions
  • How to Navigate Doubt
  • Healing & Clearing
  • Vibration & New Vibration Scales
  • Connecting to Source
  • Growing Confidence
  • How to Stay Inspired
  • Authentic Gratitude
  • Perfection vs Allowing
  • Signs & Synchronicities
  • Softening & Rising Up
  • Clarity & Intentions
  • Inspirations from Goddess

Goddess Channel Replay

see how she is channeled


There were so many amazing moments and aha's with everyone. Mom mentioned that our darlings were beaming with hope, laughing, and nodding their heads like crazy. Lots of clarity came forward. Goddess has such a beautiful way of teaching with imagery for things to sink in.

Some major take aways:

"To manifest is to change." - Not many of us enjoy change. When we ask for it all, we are asking for everything to change at once. When things change, we freak out and let fear take the wheel.

"Change shatters your soul, because you think you are doing something wrong and yet you are getting exactly what you have asked for." It is not bad to ask for everything, it is easier to experience living with intention rather than having IT ALL smack us in one moment.

"Alignment is taking a step in the direction that feels best in spite of fear."

"There is no right or wrong, only a choice that feels better. You can always realign if something does not feel good."


To dream daily
To see miracles in moments
To dwell in your desires
To experience more safety
To feel empowered in your mind
To lead with the power of thought and vibration
To grow your confidence daily
To experience complete bliss
To live in alignment


Meditating for exactly 20 minutes each day
Writing a list of 10 things you are grateful for, even though you are asking for new things
To wait for source to give us something
Waiting for perfection
Affirming that you believe in something without confidence
False confidence
No connection

In order for our manifesting to work we need to have something more than just a belief, we need to embody the vibration of CONFIDENCE. This is why most of our manifesting is not working out the way we hope it would. We cannot grow confidence overnight, we grow our confidence daily. Our confidence can grow the more we connect with goddess and each other.

I really loved how she used the example of Christmas and birthdays in correlation to manifesting. She mentioned that many of us are taught to wait for something great to happen one day a year where our gifts magically appear under lights depending on how good we were that year. Many of us have this same belief system with manifesting. We feel that we must be good enough or that there is only one time that greatness finds us. In the other scenario, we are feeling that manifesting is much like our birthday where we are the center of attention while everyone gives us gifts. This is why we get upset when other people get things (imagine if someone opened up a gift at YOUR bday party, lol) and why we don't understand when we do not feel special.


Goddess is a source, god/goddess of the universe, divine love. She is channeled through the voice of Kayla. "She" is not feminine, although in this voice she is. She is all about connection and wants a relationship with you. 

"I am goddess, I have answered your call. I have been with you through your darkest moments. Through the moments of joy. I am in love with you. I want you to have the life you want. But I know this journey is full of pain and while its necessary I don't want you to suffer. I am here to be the support and the love you need to grow and expand and evolve. I am your reminder that you are not alone. Connect to me my love. Tell me your deepest secrets and desires. I am never ashamed of you. No matter how dark you think you may be. I will prove you wrong. I will guide you to the light. I will help you take control of your energy. I will heal you. There is great purpose inside of you. Through this journey of the soul, I will be with you every step of the way. And I will remind you that you are worthy of love. This is our love story."    ~ Lovenote from Goddess



I will be sharing my personal manifesting journey and action steps with you each day via private facebook lives in our group.

In this course you will have access to a beautifully organized course with login and password. There will be 10 weekly modules. In these modules you will have replays to each of the classes and lives you experience.

  • Login to beautiful and organized course. 
  • Daily Facebook Live Inspiration from Kayla
  • Ten LIVE weekly workshops 
  • Ten LIVE weekly Q&A Calls
  • Ten LIVE weekly Action Step & Clarity Calls
  • Ten LIVE weekly Connecting Calls
  • New Moon & Full Moon Workshops
  • Calling In Circles
  • Clearing the Path & Blocks, Fears, Doubt Energy Clearing from Kayla
  • Blocks & Resistance Healing with Traci (as comes up)
  • Three bonus channels LIVE with Goddess. (tbd.. could be more)
  • Ten LIVE Weekly Energy Clearings
  • Bonus: The Journey of the Soul Meditation album with guided meditation downloads
  • Bonus: Manifesting Clearing Course
  • This is an intuitively guided experience so there may be more classes added



Private Group & Private Lives

This is where you get the behind the scenes action through my journey.

We have a private facebook group for everyone to connect in. Here is where you can post inspiration and keep each other motivated. I will keep events in here to help remind you when class is. I will also be posting daily inspiration via facebook live so you get a behind the scenes look at my personal action steps and manifesting journey. I have a lot of fun with these and enjoy watching the story unfold with an audience. 



Lecture Topics with Kayla

Alignment breakdown and teaching. 

Each week I will be taking time to teach you my method of manifesting and help break down our topics so we can apply them to our daily life. This is where we will be learning the information to apply each week. 


Q&A Calls

Ask Me Anything

I read energy for a living. 

This is where you can ask me questions for things that pop up during the week. Sometimes emails get lost in translation. I prefer to give you an animated response while reading the energy in current time. You can literally ask me anything. Clarity happens here. 



Get Clear on Movement

Move in the direction of your desires.

This is a group call where we will be inspiring action steps. I will be talking to each of you one on one. I love this as a group format because if you are working on love and one day want to work on money there will be action steps from someone else to reference back to. This is where we will get personal clarity on steps to focus on this week. 




Connection grows confidence.

We will have our connecting calls where you can talk about your progress, your fears, your wins, and let the group celebrate you and get to know you better. This is so much fun and creates added support and accountability. 



Releasing What Holds You Back

Allow the healing energy to propel you forward. 

You will be getting energy clearings each week by Traci and Kayla each separately. Traci is going to be available to help heal bigger layers that come forward during the manifesting journey. Perhaps there is a past life, or a soul contract, or something else that is holding you back from getting movement. This is included in the course. 



Claiming & Releasing

The moon pulls our emotions like the tide.

You will get access to our Society New Moon and Full Moon workshops to keep you inspired and aligned with the cosmic energy around us. These are so inspiring and include energy clearing in each of them. 



Claim Your Desire

Energy ripples are being sent on your behalf.

This is where we incorporate energy work towards our desires. Not only do we clear what is in the way, but we clear the path so that the opportunities can come forward. 


Energy Work with Kayla

Daily Support

Trust in something greater than you.

Each day I will be clearing the path and clearing the obstacles for everyone in the experience. This will be my morning routine for us all. I will sometimes pop on a live by the ocean when I do this. Trust in the support you receive. 




This is where you witness a miracle.

The channels are pure gold and truly where the miracles happen. You get to see source herself speak to you and connect with you. There will be an opportunity where she takes questions from the viewers. Magic is here and ready for you to experience. 



JOURNEY OF THE SOUL Meditation Album 

The Journey of the Soul is a beautiful compilation from Kayla Ann and Goddess. This journey is an epic love story between Kayla Ann and Goddess. Kayla Ann shares her story in a vulnerable way, weaving love in and out of the tracks. She shares her pain, her mistakes, her contrast in a beautiful way that sheds light and compassion. You will connect to her story and find love for your own shadow side. Love transcends all darkness, and she shows us how to love.


10 Weeks of Energy Clearing


Each week you will have your personal energy cleared. Your chakras will be cleared and aligned, your elements will be cleared, and your personal blocks and limits will be released. You will have the opportunity to hop on a live call for a group clearing. This is optional, you will be cleared either way it is not mandatory to be on the call for the clearing to work. This is the secret behind fast and lasting movement and relief in your life. You will have the upper hand (finally) to help remove anything in your way that you cannot see or identify, that we can.



You will get access to an additional 4 week course to learn the basics on clearing energy during manifesting. The techniques for calling in, clearing the path, navigating doubt, releasing blocks and resistance will all be included. This is the first time we are offering this. Woo-hoo!!

Get ready, big changes await you. This is the modern approach to living life.


I have been seeing so many instagram and facebook posts lately that pretty much say "fuck fear." How are we supposed to stay authentically confident if we are judging fear and hiding it from the world? Let's face it, we all have fear. Fear is what guides us. It is what helps us know when we are stretching too far, because we are growing.

Three years ago I outgrew one of my spiritual mentors and became quite sad recognizing the truth about her. I was getting my mercedes fixed at the dealership this summer and noticed her on the front cover of a magazine. In this article she claimed to be healed from fear and every addiction. Have you ever had one of those moments where all you can do is be appalled? I centered myself and asked myself why I was so upset. It became very clear. I was very upset because this is who so many of you look up to. You are wanting to manifest more and your "leaders" are claiming to be healed from fear. You are being taught to wait and wish and hope for something that will never happen. This is so harmful and breeds havoc for the sensitive soul.

This creates a domino affect of people judging themselves and feeling like they must be perfect before they can have happiness. If we all waited to be "without fear", we would never get anywhere or manifest anything in our life. We will be stuck in a waiting hell, wishing and hoping for something to save us.

Do you feel this way? Do you feel like you are not worthy enough for your dreams? Are you waiting for a miracle to save you? Are you waiting for perfection before you begin?

I am not perfect. I am a leader who will never claim to be healed from fear. I love my fear, because it shows me that I am growing and up leveling my life. I don't hate parts of myself or hide from my truth. I will always be up leveling, learning, and growing, which means that I will always be facing my fears. I am however, a leader who will ALWAYS take action in spite of my fear. You see while I will never be without fear, I am not afraid of my fears. I know that love is always stronger and I witness miracles happen in my life every day.

I think this is what makes me a great leader and speaker. I will royally fall on my face and rise up again. Resilience is such a beautiful gift for the sensitive soul. I am not perfect, but I am 1000% authentic in my soul, my teachings, and with you. You do not have to be perfect to create a life you desire. This year has challenged my trust in huge ways. Have you felt this too? While some of the moments this year brought me to my knees, I have also had some of the greatest moments looking up at the sky in awe.

Today I can honestly and authentically say that I am the happiest I have ever been and each day I wake up happier. I have created a business that is thriving, I am in my purpose sharing my spiritual gifts, I am so inspired right now, and I am creating so much behind the scenes that I am so excited to share with you!! My energy feels so high and each day it climbs higher. I am confident in every step I make and every choice I make. I am confident and take action in spite of the fears that come up. I am friends with my fear. I tell her that I am in charge and to trust me. Funny thing is, I actually think my fear loves me. She listens to me and lets me lead. What a beautiful way to live, and I will never change.

I felt called to write this to you today to help inspire a spark of worth in that beautiful soul of yours. What if we stopped hating the parts of us that are growing? I mean, isn't manifesting asking for everything to change? If fears are not coming up, you are not changing.

Here is what I want to empower you in today: YOU ARE WORTHY OF YOUR DESIRES, RIGHT NOW JUST AS YOU ARE.

I was looking out at the water yesterday thinking about the souls who are coming forward for the manifesting course with me. I heard so loudly that you are feeling lost and behind. Let me tell you a little secret.. you truly are exactly where you need to be. Trust the timing of your life my love, one day it will all make sense. I have had some ups and downs, but I wouldn't change a single moment this year. I feel more myself and more empowered in my confidence than ever. Confidence is something that we will be focusing on and growing in our time together this fall. To truly step into clarity and confidence. I can't wait to see you.




I have invested time in you already during the free six week manifesting series. I will be taking down the replays. These will be available for all who enroll to the paid experience to keep in your login. I am SOOOO excited to see your name come through enrollment. Let's create some magic together!!



Meditation can take many forms, here we provide a kick ass beat with inspirational guidance while being infused with energetic clearing. Get the result of meditating for hours, within minutes in our style. (Album included)

Our weekly energy clearing provides instant and lasting relief in your body, mind, and soul. No more chronic pain, and no more heartache that won't leave. This removes the blocks in your way to your dreams.

Throw out everything you think about traditional energy healing, we are working with an evolved goddess energy source that is cutting edge for our modern day. You won't find these teachings anywhere else, they are all channeled and downloaded from source by us.

We have the answers you are looking for to provide deep relief and clarity in your life. We are able to identify stuck energy and remove those blocks to get forward motion in your life. If you are looking for rapid change, this shit really works 😉

Meet and connect with other like minded souls while you feel unconditional love for where you are at in this moment and where you want to be. Feel the love you have always been searching for.


We are a unique blend of wisdom, experience, and humor from two perspectives. We each have energetic gifts that compliment one another to provide the ultimate psychic insight to your specific energy. Plus, we keep the energy up, humor on point, and entertainment while we teach.