You discovered that you are sensitive to energy. You want to learn how to be more empowered, have more control in your sensitive gifts. Journey of the Soul is the next steps for a modern sensitive to reclaim your beautiful energy and life. Those dreams are not too big. You are not too much or too far gone. You are not alone. Join our family as we learn how to navigate through the journey of the soul to discover who we really are and what we are meant to do. Your purpose, your love, your dreams are all worth it and the journey of the soul is the way there! 



In this video we share a bit more about the course and our story to help you understand how this course will help you.


Appearing happy on the outside...

On the inside, I was once just like you, feeling lost…torn between two worlds: who I’m supposed to be and who I’m meant to be.

Where I want to be seems so far from where I am. It feels like I’m taking 20 steps back each time I take a step forward. When is it my turn? Will it ever be my turn? I don’t even recognize myself anymore.

It’s so difficult to feel everything and feel nothing all at once. I don’t know where to start. I don’t know what I need. All I know is that I can’t feel like this any longer. I feel broken. I feel like I’m not worthy of what I want, where I’m going.

Who will see me? Who will notice what I have to say? Who will listen? I’m sitting here, wanting to be free, yet I’m trapped by my fears, my doubts, my insecurities. Fear has the steering wheel of my life. The only way out is through.

And so my healing journey began. The unshedding. The surrendering. And the letting go. Here’s my story. With this shedding, I saw myself again. Layer by layer I started to feel like me.

Like I was meeting myself for the first time. Each step so simple…could it really be this easy to be happy? Now I am in a place of complete acceptance. I have found grace in my journey. I have stepped forward in my life. No more looking back, I am looking forward with excitement.

I am in control of my energy. Life does not wait for you. You have to take it. Hold close your dreams. Deep self-care. Happiness awaits you. In this moment, your energy is craving for you. It’s time to wake up!

It’s time to move forward! I am here. I am no longer hiding in the shadows. I am stepping out in my light and shining. I have paved the way for releasing darkness, embracing the contrast. No more hiding, no more waiting.

This moment, you can choose to live. Step outside your comfort zone. Take a chance on you. What if the only thing holding you back was your energy. What if the only one making you sad was you? Releasing attachment. Embracing confidence. Recognizing the light within you. Your energy is calling out. Will you answer? Will you take these small shifts? Will you see great reward in your life? Its time for transformation. It’s time for the experience. Energy mastermind is here for you.


Journey of the Soul

a 10 week online course and experience that is crucial for your happiness and achieving your dreams.


Every sensitive soul has signed up for this journey. Some of us are brave enough to go on this adventure. 

What happens when the self help books aren’t enough? Modern Sensitives are driven to excel and to figure things out. We can’t for the life of us figure out why life isn’t working out the way we had hoped. Many of us go back and forth from trying our hardest and then giving up. None of it feels good. We know deep down inside that we are here for something. We feel deep in our soul that this can’t be all there is. Bitter disappointment and a life of pain, for what? There are others that seem to have it all and are doing really well. And then for some strange reason, what worked before isn’t working now. You keep hitting your head against a brick wall only to find the wall still there. There are times when the wall is on the outside of you blocking you from what you want. Other times the wall is on the inside where you are experiencing things but can’t feel them. You feel numb, hollow, muted.

There is a great awakening happening. The modern souls are being awakened. The funny thing about earth is that there is this thing called free will. It is really hard for us to wrap our heads around because we just want to love and help without all the hassles of being hurt so deeply. We have this switch inside of us, placed there before birth to "go off" if we get too far off our path, our plan for this life. This switch goes off and it is like our world changes. We now can’t ignore things like we used to. Numbing out doesn’t work anymore and we are left wondering how we are going to find our way.

We are desperate to find our purpose, to expand and grow our gifts. There is a journey that all sensitive souls are invited to take to reclaim back their lives, their purpose and their power.

We will guide you to transform every area of your life and give you the tools you need to get control of your life, while giving you the foundation you need to manifest your dreams and desires. 

Ever find yourself asking:

  • "When is it my turn?"
  • "It just seems so hard all the time, is there anything I can do to help?"
  • " I don't even know where to begin, help?"
  • "Why does it seem to work for everyone else?"
  • "Do I have purpose?" or "Am I gifted?"
  • "Why is life so hard?"
  • "I am doing all the right stuff, why isn't this working?"

This experience will give you everything you need to know to create the awareness and movement in your life that you have been looking for. 

No more waiting. You have finally found the answer. 

Message of Love

I am goddess, I have answered your call. I have been with you through your darkest moments. Through the moments of joy. I am in love with you. I want you to have the life you want. But I know this journey is full of pain and while its necessary I don't want you to suffer. I am here to be the support and the love you need to grow and expand and evolve. I am your reminder that you are not alone. Connect to me my love. Tell me your deepest secrets and desires. I am never ashamed of you. No matter how dark you think you may be. I will prove you wrong. I will guide you to the light. I will help you take control of your energy. I will heal you. There is great purpose inside of you. Through this journey of the soul, I will be with you every step of the way. And I will remind you that you are worthy of love. This is our love story.    ~Goddess



We will go through all ten phases of the journey of the soul. We have replays available when the course is no longer live. 

In this course you will have access to a Beautifully Organized Course with login and password. There will be 10 weekly modules. In these modules you will have a weekly lecture for each module, the Journey of the Soul Meditation album, our ten podcast devoted to Journey of the Soul and many bonuses. 

  • Login to beautiful and organized course. 
  • Ten recorded weekly workshops as well as bonuses. 
  • The Journey of the Soul Meditation album with guided meditation downloads.
  • Vibration Scales.
  • Lots of bonuses. 
  • Ten pre-recorded podcasts on each phase. 
  • Lifetime access to materials and login.
  • Weekly Energy Clearings. (10)
  • Pre-recorded workshops on sensitives and energy management in areas of love, purpose and healing. 




This is where we start the journey toward healing and authenticity. 

There are times when we catch ourselves sleeping through life. We turn our eyes so we don't see what needs to be changed. This only creates conflict in our energy.

What isn't working anymore? ? What is holding you back? No more settling for less than you deserve. Our dreams are not too big and we are not too much. 





The is beauty in the breakdown. 

This is where we turn the energy around. There is something amazingly beautiful about releasing what no longer serves you so that you can make room for the dreams you have. We learn how to manage the energy in the breakdown phase.




In awakening, clarity can find you. 

In this phase, clarity comes and you begin to find more of your dreams. You are stepping into the possibility of your life changing. This is a beautiful time of waking up. 




With great release comes great reward.

In this module, we are working on opening up our hearts to let go of thinking that hurts us. With the clarity, we now know what isn't working and what needs to be released or refigured in the energy for us to move forward. This is a very healing time full of grace. 




In life, you will come up to a crossroad. You always have a choice.  

This is one of those areas that can stall a sensitive out the longest. Making a choice. We teach you how to make choices that feel good, and also how to prioritize you. Trust is a choice. Trusting yourself can be the most difficult. We focus on the energy management in this phase of the journey.




Healing your vibration to be a match for your dreams. 

This module we focus on the healing phase. This is so important in our journey. This can be such a beautiful time of release and integration. Our goal is alignment, and healing is one of the most impactful ways to get us to alignment.




In this moment, declare who you are.

In this module, we will be learning about the powerful tool of reclaiming. We tend to wish, hope and wait for our dreams. Often times they are right in front of us and all we need to do is claim them. This often bumps into our worth and self esteem. We learn how to mange the energy in this phase so that we can start claiming in confidence who we are and what we desire. 



Rising Up

Rising up is choosing to show up daily. Feel your energy shift and elevate to this new vibration.

In this phase we learn how to take back control of your energy. This is a time of choosing daily to show up for you. You are no longer swimming in suffering and have more energy to devote to your dreams. This is one of the most powerful ways to grow and evolve. This is a practice that will continue long after the class. 




Softening is the magic in manifesting. This is how you can bring in power into the timing and speed of your intentions. 

In this phase, softening seems like an unusual step, however, this is the most powerful experience. When we soften, we allow love to step in and be our strength. This is where we learn more about trust and turning to love. 




This is the destination of the journey, alignment. This is where we create our desires and dreams. 

This module is where we learn how to manifest in the ultimate ease and flow. When we are in alignment we are a vibrational match for our desires. In this we can heal in a moment, we can call in quickly, we feel peace, contentment and happy. For those looking for happiness.... this is your destination. We teach how to reach alignment and how to stay in alignment as a way of living. 



JOURNEY OF THE SOUL Meditation Album 

The Journey of the Soul is a beautiful compilation from Kayla Ann and Goddess. This journey is an epic love story between Kayla Ann and Goddess. Kayla Ann shares her story in a vulnerable way, weaving love in and out of the tracks. She shares her pain, her mistakes, her contrast in a beautiful way that sheds light and compassion. You will connect to her story and find love for your own shadow side. Love transcends all darkness, and she shows us how to love.


10 Weeks of Energy Clearing


Each week you will have your personal energy cleared. Your chakras will be cleared and aligned, your elements will be cleared, and your personal blocks and limits will be released. You will have the opportunity to hop on a live call for a group clearing. This is optional, you will be cleared either way it is not mandatory to be on the call for the clearing to work. This is the secret behind fast and lasting movement and relief in your life. You will have the upper hand (finally) to help remove anything in your way that you cannot see or identify, that we can.



We are affected by everything as sensitive souls. People, places, things, and also the other side. Energy management provides relief, safety, and protection for our sensitive souls. Feeling safe and grounded is important for sensitives.

As a sensitive soul it can feel like life is happening TO you, and that everyone else around you gets what YOU want. Manifesting is taking back control of your energy, and creating opportunity for dreams to come true.


Clearing is an effective tool that only we teach which provides you relief from aches, pains, feelings, trauma, moods in minutes. THIS is pure magic for the sensitive soul. Relief comes first, then clarity, and movement happens. No more feeling stuck.


Love is the missing ingredient in everything. Here you will find love is in every post, meditation, course, podcast, and live experience. We infuse love in everything we do. In love, darkness cowers and allows our true light to shine.


Get ready, big changes await you. This is the modern approach to living life.


We cannot wait to dive in deeper with you. The answers you are searching for are just a click away.



Meditation can take many forms, here we provide a kick ass beat with inspirational guidance while being infused with energetic clearing. Get the result of meditating for hours, within minutes in our style. (Album included)

Our weekly energy clearing provides instant and lasting relief in your body, mind, and soul. No more chronic pain, and no more heartache that won't leave. This removes the blocks in your way to your dreams.

Throw out everything you think about traditional energy healing, we are working with an evolved goddess energy source that is cutting edge for our modern day. You won't find these teachings anywhere else, they are all channeled and downloaded from source by us.

We have the answers you are looking for to provide deep relief and clarity in your life. We are able to identify stuck energy and remove those blocks to get forward motion in your life. If you are looking for rapid change, this shit really works 😉

Meet and connect with other like minded souls while you feel unconditional love for where you are at in this moment and where you want to be. Feel the love you have always been searching for.


We are a unique blend of wisdom, experience, and humor from two perspectives. We each have energetic gifts that compliment one another to provide the ultimate psychic insight to your specific energy. Plus, we keep the energy up, humor on point, and entertainment while we teach.