Happiness starts with energy.

 Have you every placed your energy as your number one priority? This could be what makes all the difference for you this year. What if those headaches, insomnia, toxic relationships, money issues, and constant stress was the result of the energy around you? Don't miss out on the year of reward because your energy isn't a vibrational match to recieve what you have been dreaming of... 




Energy Mastermind is a 12 week online course and experience that is crucial for your happiness and achieving your dreams. This is the MISSING step you are searching for.

We will guide you to transform every area of your life and give you the tools you need to get control of your life, while giving you the foundation you need to manifest your dreams and desires. 


Ever find yourself asking:

  • "When is it my turn?"
  • "Why does it seem to work for everyone else?"
  • "Why is life so hard?"
  • "I am doing all the right stuff, why isn't this working?"

This experience will give you everything you need to know to create the awareness and movement in your life that you have been looking for. 

No more waiting. You have finally found the answer. 



We also have over SEVENTY hours of lectures and tons of bonues and surprises!

In this course you will have access to a Beautifully Organized Course with login and password. There will be 12 weekly modules released each week. In these modules you will have a weekly Energy Mastemind Magazine, Weekly Meditation Downloads, Two Weekly Lectures and Weekly Energy Clearings.

  • Energy Mastermind Weekly Magazine PDF
  • Login to beautiful and organized course. 
  • Two recorded weekly workshops as well as bonuses. There are over 40 webinar replays.
  • Weekly guided meditation downloads.
  • Lots of bonuses. 
  • Lifetime access to materials and login.




Module 1: Managing Energy 101 - Part 1

What is Energy, Grounding, Protecting, Home + Environment Clearings, Protection Plan

This module creates awareness of how your energy fluctuates throughout the day and how to see the warning signs early, gain relief in the moment you feel down, rather than pushing through the sludge for the rest of the day. You will learn how to ground and protect your energy on a deeper level. 



Module 2: Managing Energy 101 - Part 2

Prioritize Your energy, Self - Love + Energy, Refueling Your Energy, Clearing Energy, Stopping Negative Energy 

You will learn how to prioritize your energy, when to say yes, when to say no and how to feel more confident in your own skin. You will learn about self love and how to refuel your current energy. 



Module 3: Empaths + Modern Sensitives

Traits of an Empath, Empath Intuition, Techniques to Live a Normal Life, Survival Tips, Empowered Empaths, Emotional Vampires 

Sometimes it can feel like a curse to have the gift of sensitivity. This week we show you how to turn that around and make it your ulitmate gift. You can leverage your gift to help you balance your emotions, feelings, and energy levels. No more taking hits. Feel empowerd in your energy and realize that you really do have control. 



Module 4: Sacred Spaces 

Clearing the Old, Energy Spring Cleaning, Energy Clearing for Homes, Blocking Negative Energy, Sacred Spaces, Altars, Crystal Grids

We teach you how to take control of your space, create altars, and redefine your energy. Getting your home in energetic alignment will help catapult you into your success. Out with the old, and in with the new. We help you get beautiful energy flowing into your space which will create safety in your space and manifesting. 


MODULES 5 & 6 

Module 5: Dating + Relationships + Energy

Current Relationships, How to Attract Romance + Relationships, What Happens When the Energy Moves + Shifts, Soul Mates

We will dive deep into the theme of love. We want you to emody love for yourself first, then you can owrk on calling in new love or rekindling the loce you currently have in your life. It is important to start within. We teach how energy affects our love life and how to navigate the energy to gain back control in our love life. Finally feel safe opening your heart with protection. Trust and allow. 



Module 6: Food + Health + Energy

Managing Weight as a Sensitive, Food Sensitivities, Food Blocks + Energy, Sobriety, Self Care + Moving the Energy, Kundalini + Yoga Energy

Ever wonder why it is hard to lose weight as a sensitive We teach you how managaing your energy can help you manage your health. We cover how to manage your weight as a modern sensitive/empath, food sensitivities and how to navigate your body as a whole. You can heal your body, no more suffering. 

MODULES 7 & 8 

Module 7: How to Connect to Source + Intuition

Develop Intuition, Trust Your Soul, Mind + Heart + Gut, How to Meditate, Pendulum Dowsing, Confidence in Guidance, Psychic Abilities, Mediumship

We all have the answers inside of us, but we have this need for external validation. In this week we teach you how to develop your intuition, trust your soul, and gain confidence in what you hear. We also cover psychic abilities (even if you may not identify with psychic this is super powerful), and also how to believe in yourself. We teach how to get your heart, mind, and gut all in alignment for inspired action. You will find peace.



Module 8: Manifesting Energy 101 - Part 1 

Identify + Eliminate Blocks, Release Ego from Thoughts + Energy, Techniques on Manifesting Intention, Tools + Tricks, Pendulum Calling In

This week we cover the basics to getting your energy in alignment to create some powerful manifesting energy in your life. We cover some of our own unique methods to manifest using energy and pendulum dowsing. We will also cover how to identify and eliminate blocks and release the ego so that your shiny soul can stand confident in your desires.

MODULES 9 & 10

Module 9: How to Mangae Energy in Hostile Environments

Energy Vampires, 9 - 5 Soul Sucking Jobs, Home Energy, Family Energy, Relationships, Work, Unsupportive People in Our Lives, Releasing What Doesn't Serve You

A lot of us are in situations that drain us and exhaust us. Whether this is work, home, or even people, we teach you how to navigate these energy drains so that it doesn't tank you. We help give you the tools to release what no longer serves you, and how to move forward so you don't feel stuck. You are the leader of your energy, no more letting the energy vampires take away from the experience you desire.



Module 10: UP-LEVEL

High Vibes, Keeping the Energy Up + High, Upper Limits, Recalibrating Energy, How to Have More Energy, Up Level Your Current Situations.

This week is crucial to your manifesting energy. We teach you how to keep high vibration, how to recalibrate your energy, and also how to up level your life. We place our own limits and glass ceilings on our life, we teach you how to up-level responsibly so that you don't get stuck with fear and revert back to old ways. We also help you to identify what it is that you truly want, clarity can give you forward movement.

MODULES 11 & 12

Module 11: Managing Energy Master Class 

Manage Your Energy as a Modern Sensitive + Light Worker, Energy Healing, Life Coaching + Clients, Energy + Social Media, Audience Energy, Seeing + Working With Energy

Ever notice that after you get off social media you feel drained and moody? Or maybe you work with clients and feel like your energy is leaking away from you all day? This week will give you the tools you need to help manage your energy as a lightworker and modern sensitive. You will learn how to manage client energy, coaching, audience energy, and social media.


Module 12: Manifesting Energy 101 - Part 2 

Manifesting Money, Abundance + Up Level, Manifesting Clients, Release Money Fears, Get Clear on Money Goals, See Results.

We end this course with a loud bang!! Here is what you really desire, and now that you have the foundation these tools will really help you to get results that last. We go over how to authentically manifest money and abundance, how to release money fears, and shift your own mindset. Whether you are manifesting clients, wealth, or even love… This week will shift your life.


We are known for overgiving in every offer and course that we create. Check out a few of your bonuses for this experience below!!

Modern Sensitives: Next Steps Course

This course gives you the tools to manage your energy as a modern senstitive. Now is the time to reclaim your power. Webinar Replays: 1.) So you are a modern sensitive/epmath, now what? 2.) Empath 101 - Top 3 tools to manage your energy. 3.) Empath Clearing with a Pendulum 4.) Empath 102 - Managing Metaphysical Energy 5.) How to love an empath Part 1&2... $197 value


Lifetime Access & Login

You will get a private login to your course with all of your information in one place (ie. videos, webinar replays, and pdfs). You will be able to login to the course through our site for the duration of the course life. You will be able to keep access to the facebook group as well. This is a part of our Sacred Society School. We treat our students like family.

Crystal Grid Tutorial

This is a fun and easy tutorial to help you start using crystal grids today. This can help you manifest or help to clear the energy in your space. Use these for protection, calling in love, abundance, and anything else your heart is set on. 

Videos & Booklet

Meditation Album 


Electrifying. Motivating. Transformational. Sensual. Alluring.

This is not your average “meditation album”. Here, we have put together seamlessly electrifying rhythms and channeled lyrics to calm, soothe, motivate, explore deeply, and shake off your stress. Think Madonna meets Ghandi. Plus, Traci has programmed in energetic clearings into several of the tracks, so each time you play, you melt away stress, and unwanted energy vibes. Its literally a gift that will keep on giving, because as these tracks allow you to raise your vibration, you will grow better in your inner knowing, deeper in your strength, feel kick ass empowerment in your power, and spiritual sass in your manifesting. “No more excuses. This is your moment. Claim it.”

12 Weeks of Energy Clearing


Each week you will have your personal energy cleared. Your chakras will be cleared and aligned, your elements will be cleared, and your personal blocks and limits will be released. You will have the opportunity to hop on a live call for a group clearing. This is optional, you will be cleared either way it is not mandatory to be on the call for the clearing to work. This is the secret behind fast and lasting movement and relief in your life. You will have the upper hand (finally) to help remove anything in your way that you cannot see or identify, that we can.


FREE Modern Sensitives: Next Steps Course

FREE  access to this course. You will have access to:

This course gives you the tools to manage your energy as a modern senstitive. Now is the time to reclaim your power. 

Webinar Replays: 

So you are a modern sensitive/epmath, now what?
Empath 101 - Top 3 tools to manage your energy.
Empath Clearing with a Pendulum
Empath 102 - Managing Metaphysical Energy
How to love an empath Part 1 + 2
Instructional/Tutorial Videos

Magazine / PDF Booklet

$197 VALUE

Get ready, big changes await you. This is the modern approach to living life.


We are affected by everything as sensitive souls. People, places, things, and also the other side. Energy management provides relief, safety, and protection for our sensitive souls. Feeling safe and grounded is important for sensitives.

As a sensitive soul it can feel like life is happening TO you, and that everyone else around you gets what YOU want. Manifesting is taking back control of your energy, and creating opportunity for dreams to come true.


Clearing is an effective tool that only we teach which provides you relief from aches, pains, feelings, trauma, moods in minutes. THIS is pure magic for the sensitive soul. Relief comes first, then clarity, and movement happens. No more feeling stuck.


Love is the missing ingredient in everything. Here you will find love is in every post, meditation, course, podcast, and live experience. We infuse love in everything we do. In love, darkness cowers and allows our true light to shine.



Meditation can take many forms, here we provide a kick ass beat with inspirational guidance while being infused with energetic clearing. Get the result of meditating for hours, within minutes in our style. (Album included)

Our weekly energy clearing provides instant and lasting relief in your body, mind, and soul. No more chronic pain, and no more heartache that won't leave. This removes the blocks in your way to your dreams.

Throw out everything you think about traditional energy healing, we are working with an evolved goddess energy source that is cutting edge for our modern day. You won't find these teachings anywhere else, they are all channeled and downloaded from source by us.

We have the answers you are looking for to provide deep relief and clarity in your life. We are able to identify stuck energy and remove those blocks to get forward motion in your life. If you are looking for rapid change, this shit really works 😉

Meet and connect with other like minded souls while you feel unconditional love for where you are at in this moment and where you want to be. Feel the love you have always been searching for.


We are a unique blend of wisdom, experience, and humor from two perspectives. We each have energetic gifts that compliment one another to provide the ultimate psychic insight to your specific energy. Plus, we keep the energy up, humor on point, and entertainment while we teach.


We cannot wait to dive in deeper with you. The answers you are searching for are just a click away.