A live weekend workshop full of self-discovery, magic, and healing. Traci and Kayla will be speaking and inspiring while Goddess will steal the show with live channeling.



Claim your space and let alignment flow into your life before time runs out!!









SEPTEMBER 21st - 24th

mark your calendars for magic

Every action begins with a choice. A choice to move in the direction of your desire. This year we are hosting a live weekend event where you will be surrounded by connection of like-minded souls and the beauty that the oceans and trees have to offer. We will kick off our retreat with a bonfire on Carmel Beach. We will be enjoying some s’mores and getting to know each other a bit more before diving into this deep experience together. The next two days will be full of inspirational stories, lectures, and live channels. Each story and channel will be to help motivate you towards making the choice required for movement in your life.


Last year, I claimed that I wanted a new love. Goddess outed me in front of everyone and said the I was afraid of love. So began my healing and self discovery. Three months later, my one true love walked into my life. He will be attending the retreat this year. There really is so much magic that comes from this weekend.


The weekend is full of energy healing, soul healing, and lots of connection. We loved being able to squeeze everyone tight and hang out offline. It was so magical to see everyone connecting as if we were already friends. Life long friendships are created here, all while moving towards your dreams.

Fall always holds such magic for me. I am always amazed at what comes to the surface. I am so excited to see what is beyond the choice we all make. This will kickstart my manifesting course, it will be the work that comes after the choice has been made.


Are you feeling stuck? Are you ready for magic to happen in your life? All it takes is looking Goddess in the eye and you will walk away forever changed.


You can feel Goddess online, but seeing her in person is an unforgettable and life changing event.


We are so excited to create a loving space for you to explore your inner truth. We will be undergoing lots of self discovery, healing, and breakthroughs. We are designating a team to help us clear the space and any individual attending the space. If you need to take a break, there will always be someone right there to assist you.


  • Access to Saturday & Sunday Full Day Workshops
  • Channeled Healing with Goddess
  • Healing from Traci
  • Motivational Speaking from Traci & Kayla
  • Channeled Guidance from Goddess
  • Snacks / Beverages
  • Energetic Support
  • Journals / PDFs
  • Safe Space
  • S’mores Experience Friday Evening - Shuttle Ride There / S’Mores / Shuttle Ride Back
  • Special Gift

You will be given an itinerary with full details upon registration.

Here is a quick timeline:

Friday 21st - Evening S'mores

Saturday 22nd - 9am - 5pm Event

Sunday 23rd - 9am - 5pm Event

Monday 24th - Farewell Breakfast 


We are providing an experience from 9am - 5pm Saturday and Sunday, and the evening S'mores experience on Friday. There will be snacks, beverages, and gifts during those days. We will be providing you a ride to the s'more experience on Carmel Beach along with the supplies for that night.

  • Flights
  • Shuttles
  • Car Rentals
  • Travel Expenses
  • Hotel / Lodging
  • Meals
  • Any Outside Entertainment

Some of our girls share hotel rooms to cut costs. Reach out and we can help coordinate if this interests you. 


the sunsets are amazing, this year our s'mores tradition will be on the beach at Carmel


Don't miss out on the magic this year!! Claim your spot today.



If you have any other questions, please reach out to us!!

It gets cold at night, so remember to pack layers. It is roughly 65-70 degrees most days and cools off at night. Once in awhile it will reach 75-80 degrees. Lots and lots of walking and ocean trails all near Asilomar. Grab your shoes and your camera… this is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Get excited!!! Bring sunscreen. Don't be like us and need a t-shirt that says "I survived Carmel Beach 2007". It was brutal... don't let that cloud cover fool you!! 

The conference grounds have a main lodge that is open for all. There is a huge fireplace, tons of seating, a pool table, games and a piano. There is a pool on the grounds and pack a swim suit because fall is actually our summer! They have a dining hall with options to purchase meals. There are also lots of restaurants near by for those wanting other dining experiences.

If you have time and stay longer, there are a ton of fun activities available during the off times. These are not part of the weekend workshop but we encourage you to explore this area as it is incredibly beautiful. You may want to explore the trails to the ocean, adventure down 17 mile drive, or hop in an Uber and explore Monterey Aquarium/Cannery Row or the quaint town of Carmel. Big Sur is now open again and totally worth the drive. It is about 30 minutes from here. 

The closest international airport is San Jose. San Francisco and Oakland are other options but 2 hours away. San Jose Airport does have door to door shuttle service at Asilomar and other hotels in the area. Please check with them to see if they offer this. We will not be able to pick up or drop off at airports. The airport does have most options for car rentals as well. 


Will you be a part of the magic this year? If you need payment plan options, please reach out via email. admin@modernsoulsociety.com.




"When you meet with Traci and Kayla, their loving energy will envelop you. They will make sure you're comfortable, and will talk through what you want to accomplish. Kayla will heal you with powerfully guided meditations, and Traci will heal you with her amazing clearing and visions. They'll help you understand everything they saw in this vision, and it will match everything you felt in your meditation, because what you are experiencing is real, and so much more. The reality you've always known will no longer affect you. Your new beginning starts immediately. I promise that you'll feel like you're floating, like the world outside is waiting for you to explore it and dream so it can make those dreams come true... You'll feel like magic... And for the first time in a long time, you'll feel truly alive - forever."


"There is something incredibly special about Traci + Kayla. I felt it instantly. Their energy and authenticity is on another level. When they launched Energy Mastermind, I had no doubt whatsoever it was something I wanted to be a part of. I'm not one to jump from program to program, it's always an immediate gut feeling and instant connection for me. Energy Mastermind was definitely one of the best investments I could make in myself. I went in with no expectations and was completely blown away by the experience. Learning to manage my energy was honestly a life saver. T+K have developed a program worth far beyond the monetary investment. The tools, trainings, live webinars + clearings, detailed guidance, mentorship and all the goodies they provide along the way are priceless. I cannot recommend it enough. But what puts it over the top is working directly with T+K. The love and care they put into all their work truly comes through. You feel part of their soul family from the very first email. I believe in them and the wisdom they embody with all my heart. Love you ladies! xoxo"


"I have so much love for Traci & Kayla. I was guided to them during a time that my soul was awakening and I was trying to find my path while being held back by fear. There was an immediate feeling of such unconditional love and support from them that I deeply needed -- their energy is what my soul needed. Every podcast, meditation, webinar, and course has given me something to heal or grow with, but the most significant has been Clearing Mastermind. Traci & Kayla always say: Energy doesn’t lie. It’s so true. Before Clearing Mastermind, when I was stressed out I would do all the things everyone else tells you to do…meditate, positive affirmations, breathe fresh air, etc. While those things worked, it would be so temporary for me. One tiny thing could send me backsliding again. Learning to clear, ground, protect was the lasting relief I searched for. I feel empowered now knowing that I can move the energy within minutes. After clearing I feel like I can breathe, I can regroup, my son’s energy calms, we are brought back into alignment. "


"I met Traci and Kayla a year ago. I didn't know what was wrong with me. I just knew that I felt crappy a lot and I couldn't "snap out of it." Traci and Kayla helped me understand my sensitivity and helped me embrace it. They introduced me to tools to help me in environments where there as a lot of toxic energy. I am forever thankful. I am now free. If you are on the fence about taking one of Traci and Kayla's class, I suggest you reach out to them and talk about your concerns. They will schedule time with you and you can get to know them. Listen to their podcasts, watch their videos. Get to know them. I have invested in seven programs with them over the past nine months. I have grown sooo much and have so much clarity. Some of the best money I've ever spent."


"After surrendering my troubles to prayer, Traci and Kayla appeared to me not only in divine timing, but they have bloomed and delivered with divine love. Over the past two years I have been beyond fortunate and blessed to be healed and coached by T & K. They are real, deep and authentic souls with gifts that will grace you from the simplest email, to the deepest healing. The love you receive and feel is pure, divine magic. It has been an honor and a privilege to be part of their journey and witness their expansion. These ladies will redefine our deepest desires and spiritual paths. I couldn't imagine anyone else doing this job! I am blessed and forever changed because of them. "


"The unconditional love that poured through their hearts was like none I have experienced in the past. As an Energy Healer who has studied multiple modalities and practices, the term Modern Soul was calling to me. Taking a leap of faith, I enrolled in their Energy Mastermind course and it changed the way I thought of and practiced Energy Management. I knew that I had found a new way to manage energy and provide relief to myself and others through Energy Management. The Investment was totally well worth every dollar spent. The classes were on target, the support like none I have had from any previous class I had taken. The online experience allowed us the flexibility of being in our own cozy homes yet we were able to feel the collective energy of the group. Having the sessions recorded and available to listen to at a later time allow for the ability to listen and absorb then go back and take notes from the replay. There is always something new that comes through on the replay and to have those available after the course is completed is priceless. Anyone who is on the fence, I would highly encourage to take that leap of faith and dive right in. You will not be sorry and you will find yourself surrounded with much love, encouragement, and healing energy. I guarantee, your quality of life will improve and you just might find a new career path."



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